Anna Maria Fiasconaro

Anna Maria Fiasconaro is involved in civil litigation, arbitration and advisory services to Italian and foreign clients, in both litigation and consulting, in the field of International private and procedural law.

She provides legal advice in matters of Trust, providing personal service in the planning, creation and management of national and overseas Trusts.

During her career, she has gained extensive experience in the renewable energy sector by providing advice and legal assistance to Italian and foreign companies, with particular focus on obtaining the necessary administrative measures in the development of energy projects, including environmental permits, environmental and electrical regulatory compliance, negotiations with public administrators, settlements and administrative litigation issues. She is a graduate in Law from the University of Palermo in 1995.

After graduation, she worked for a law firm specializing in International Law, thus acquiring extensive experience in this sector. In 1999, she participated in the 4th Summer Academy of European Business Law, Annual Residential Seminar for Lawyers and Legal Experts, at the College of Europe in Bruges (Belgium).
She has been Teaching Assistant to the Faculty of Economics for Private Law at the University of Palermo since 2004 and she has been Teaching Assistant to the Faculty of Law for Public and Private International Law at the University LUMSA of Rome’s branch in Palermo since 2007.

She is an accredited lawyer by the British Consulate and American in Naples. She is a member of the AEA-EAL European Association of Lawyers, as well as a member of the Association for Cultural Exchanges between Italian and German Jurists. She was a member of the Board of Directors of the AEA-EAL.

She has written several articles on International Law. She has delivered lectures in degree courses on ‘International Public and Private Law’, ‘Law of the Mediterranean Countries’, and ‘History and Institutions of the African Countries’ at the University LUMSA of Rome’s branch in Palermo.

In 2007, she founded the Law Firm Fiasconaro under her name. She is a member of the Palermo Bar Association. She speaks Italian, English and German.
She attended at the First Trade Fair of the Legal Profession in Europe and the Mediterranean Arch