Energy law

Legal assistance to Italian and foreign companies that want to establish energy plants from renewable sources (wind, photovoltaic, biomass).

The assistance includes a broad spectrum of activities:

- initiation of the administrative proceedings necessary to establish the energy plant, including the procedure for the connection to the electric grid;

- due diligence performed in order to verify the state of administrative procedures carried out by developers. Formal verification of the completion and accuracy of documentation submitted and its compliance to both national and regional legislation;

- due diligence on real rights needed for the construction of the plant, including inspection of securities and guarantees issued by the predecessor on the lack of weight and / or real burdens imposed on them;

- negotiation between the parties (drawing up of all essential contracts (EPC, O&M and transfer of real rights) in order to carry out the planned activity;

- litigation between the parties (drawing up of opinions and complaints against licence dismissal or contracts breach).